“I can’t thank Jayne enough for all she has helped me to achieve. I believe anyone that wants more positivity in their lives would benefit from Jayne’s hypnotherapy sessions.”

“I am now able to feel relaxed and to face daily challenges with a calm and rational outlook. I can now recognise what I can deal with and how I choose to respond to each situation.

What I didn’t expect was to find I’ve become more compassionate toward myself and others.

I’m now enjoying good quality sleep which means I’m more productive, proactive and cheerful”

“I suffer from anxiety, OCD and have confidence issues due to illnesses. Jayne is helping me to develop a positive attitude and chase away my demons. I believe that Jayne has also helped contribute to my recent significant weight loss.”

“I’ve learned what’s stopping me from doing things is me. My hypnotherapy sessions help me to be a better version of me. It’s a positive, wonderful experience and there’s nothing to lose with hypnotherapy just everything to gain.”